Quality system

One of the main objectives of the health care system is that the demand is filled as well and efficiently as possible within the health budget. There must be a balance between the demand and supply of care. Not only the quantity, but also the quality of healthcare supply should match the demand for care. Based on the demand for care, the wishes and claims of the population, and existing (international) medical content standards a (minimum) quality standards should therefore be drawn up. The preference is for the legal recording of this standard. An example of this is the Quality Act of Care Institutions (Kwaliteitswet Zorginstellingen) in the Netherlands.

To ensure that the population can count on care that meets or exceeds the quality standards, it is essential to set up a quality system with measurable indicators. On the basis of quality standard, measurable quality indicators for structure, processes, outcomes and patient satisfaction are developed which are appropriate to the local situation.

It is important that these indicators are also assessed on the basis of an assessment framework. It is important that a monitoring program is annually draws up on the basis of which the Inspection for Public Health can test the quality and safety in health care.

ACSION can support in all aspects of setting up a quality system.

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