Change Management

Changes are rife, but unfortunately many change initiatives rarely achieve the intended results. Basically it comes down to including all individuals in the organization through the stages of change:

  • Awareness: the person is familiar with what is going or needs to change, but does not considers it yet for themselves.
  • Considering: the person is aware of its own scope for improvement, sees the value of change and is considering to try it.
  • Attempting: the person has sufficient degree of trust and will try out the changes themselves, wherein the added value are to be weighed versus any disadvantages.
  • Embedding: the person is convinced of the value and has embedded the changes in the daily life or (care) practice.

Change management is an important service that ACSION offers. For ACSION an assignment is only successful if our advice and projects are successfully received by the organization. Therefore we have expertise in house to purposefully and actively manage the changes for the organization. Changes do not come naturally, nor from one day to another. A variety of theories and books have been written about change in organizations, but it remains a challenge to set up a change project specifically focused on the situation in and around the organization. The way the change process must take shape is carefully planned and executed by a team of change agents within the organization.

ACSION has developed change management workshops in collaboration with the CALT Institute of the INSEAD business school. In this one day workshops designed specifically for the healthcare teach your employees the skills to effectively lead changes. In the extension of these workshops ACSION provides support in the analysis, strategy and tactical content of change programs specifically focused on the conditions within and around the organization.