Care procurement

Care procurement plays an important role within the health care system. Continuity, safety, quality and efficiency of care are secured with care procurement. Annually health insurers and health care providers have to agree on the nature, value and quality of care to be provided, which is concretized in contracts. These contracts are not the only outcome of the procurement process, but also the tools to manage quality and efficiency of purchased care are agreed upon. The care procurement process consists of tactical procurement (What care should be delivered? Who is going to provide that care? And how should that care be delivered?) and operational procurement (the actual purchasing of care). The process can be divided into four phases (figure 1):Care procurement figure

  • Specify: Determine the care needs and draft specifications to be met by the care product or service.
  • Select: Preselection, request for proposals and selection of healthcare provider(s).
  • Contract: Negotiation and closing contracts.
  • Monitor/Evaluate: Monitoring compliance with contract terms, appointments, quality requirements, startup contract revision and provide management information.

ACSION supports the professionalization of the Care procurement on strategic, tactical and operational level. Additionally ACSION provides a solution for the automation of the care procurement workflow. All actors receive a timely reminder and support to provide their input for the procurement cycle and progress can be monitored. At the same time all relevant documents are automatically organized into dossiers.