Vision health care

With the ever growing health care expenditures and the also increasing demand for high quality care, pressure on healthcare systems is increasing. In order to achieve optimal care quality, results and cost efficiency, the care policy, funding and processes should be designed demand-driven and should fit seamlessly together. These three are in fact inextricably linked as communicating vessels. Therefore, a balance at 3 levels is necessary:

Balance on three levels

  1. A balance between affordability for the population and the financing needs of the health care system (care practices, -professionals and institutes)
  2. A balance between what the providers get paid and the care products they provide
  3. A balance between the care delivered and the actual demand for care of the population

Working on only one of these three balances, does not result in sustainable optimization. If we want to achieve sustainable better care, care delivery, reimbursement and policy need to be addressed holistically with the care demand as a starting point. ACSION can stimulate and guide in this process. We offer a range of services which can be integrally implemented in these areas.